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How We Ship Our Plants

Our aim is to send you beautiful plants that don't cost the earth, we strive to send our plants using reused and recyclable materials so that together we can minimise waste and keep our planet clean. Where possible we avoid using plastic packaging such as plastic bags or plastic wrap and we always return the plastic pots back to our growers so that they can be reused and recycled.

Depending on your plants they may come in their pots or they may come bare or semi bare rooted, or a combination of both. We have extensive experience sending plants and will always package your plants in a way that keeps them healthy and happy during transit. We encourage you to recycle and/or compost the packaging materials once you have opened your package and don't forget to remove all of the tape before you recycle the cardboard box.

First we choose healthy plants for your order.
Then we carefully bare root them.
Moisten a paper towel.
Lay it with some damp Sphagnum moss.
Lay the plant down and cover with some more damp Sphagnum moss.
Securely wrap the roots.
Then wrap it all up again with a second layer of foil to hold it all in place.
Tape the plant/plants down in a fitting box so they cant move.
Then, last but not least, some reused/ recycled packing paper for extra protection if necessary.