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About Us

In today’s modern world, it’s often easy to overlook the beauty of nature. Caught up in our busy schedules, we can quite easily find ourselves disconnected from one of life’s most amazing gifts. Our goal at Homegrown Houseplants is to re-connect you with that gift, by bringing a piece of the outside in.

Homegrown Houseplants is an online and retail nursery owned by plant hobbyist and enthusiast Nathan Mancarella. He has always had a love for plants, from the indigenous forest plants that grow locally to the strange and obscure exotics that inspire wonder and curiosity. He is fascinated by their beautiful foliage and flowers, the unique adaptations each plant has developed and the niches they fill in ecosystems. The more plants he stumbled across and collected the more he wanted to be able to share his fascination and passion with other like minded people. 

Located at the door step to the beautiful Yarra Valley located in Melbourne Victoria, Lilydale 3140, Homegrown Houseplants specialise in a variety of indoor and outdoor plants from the common to the unique and rare. We are committed to supplying beautiful, quality plants at affordable prices to other plant enthusiasts a like!